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Meet the team

Amy | Founder & Editor
Globetrotter, lover of untranslatable words and four legged friends.

Location: Vancouver
Contact: amy@pocketrobin.com
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Bill | Author
Budding filmmaker, earth-walker and master of funk

Location: Brighton
Contact: bill@pocketrobin.com
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Naomi | Editor
Travel addict, dance fanatic and aspiring photographer.

Location: London
Contact: naomi@pocketrobin.com
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April | Author
Lover of lexicon, Mondays, and wandering.

Location: Toronto
Contact: april@pocketrobin.com
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Amanda Pocket Robin Profile copy
Amanda | Author
Free-spirited outdoor adventurer, culinary arts wannabe and Francophile.

Location: Toronto
Contact: amanda@pocketrobin.com
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juliana yazbeck profileJuliana| Author
Multi-cultural musician, writer, food adventurer and dog lover.

Location: London
Contact: juliana@pocketrobin.com
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Anonymous profile
You | Author
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